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Singapore’s Lush Greenery Turning Into A Luxury Destination

Singapore’s Lush Greenery Turning Into a Luxury Destination

In line with growing demands from buyers and tenants for quality, value for money properties, the Singapore real estate market has once again picked up the pace. Although there are still many properties that have not hit the market like the past years, the buzz around the market is quite noticeable. The frenzy of activity is evident in the number of homes that are being sold off at breakneck rates – some going below the market rate. However, despite the glut of available properties, the choice and range of properties for sale in Singapore are quite limited – hence the need to find good real estate investment properties. The top five prospects for finding good investment properties in Singapore include:

Residential Real Estate – The upcoming development by Leedon Green condominiums Partnerships Ltd. in conjunction with MCL Land (headed by Tan Ching) is set to make waves in the upcoming commercial and residential segments of the Singapore real estate market. With its plans set to launch a 100-storey high-rise tower, Leedon Green will become one of the tallest properties to come up in Singapore. With its sights set on firmly establishing a strong hold in Singapore, the newly-formed Leedon Green is aiming for a resounding success story in the commercial segment of the country’s real estate market. Its core project will be the Hong Kong themed Residences for Singaporeans, which is set to be launched in the first quarter of next year. This project is expected to yield retail sales figures of over US$500 million annually, making it one of the biggest malls in Asia. The venture is also focusing on developing the residential segment of the project, which is currently underway.

Retail Space and Real Estate – Leedon Green has picked up the pace in its quest to become a premier shopping destination in the country. Its main project is located in the affluent Freehold district of the city, adjacent to the busy MRT station. A series of high-profile shops and premium brands have already been confirmed to come up in the said area, and more are expected to come up in the next few months. These include the exclusive Scent of Siam, Fifth Avenue, Crowne Plaza, Sizzler, Unitech, and Bapu.

Housing the primary school, the project is also working on developing the existing unit types at the school, as well as the facilities and amenities needed for secondary school students. To this end, the developer is planning to build a total of 44 buildings, out of which a single main facility will be constructed. While the majority of these buildings will be constructed out of steel, there are some that will be constructed out of concrete, and these too will feature the latest in modern technology and construction techniques. More interestingly, the primary school will be built adjacent to a fully-rented international school. The said unit type will allow Leedon Green to cater to international students as well as Singaporean students.

With regards to the future of the property market in Singapore, it is expected that developments in the Leedon Green area will help inflate the values of the surrounding properties. As such, even without the planned mixed-use projects, the current value of the properties in the area will certainly go up, making them far more valuable than they currently are. For this reason, property investors will want to move into the area as quickly as possible. In fact, the coming of the project is likely to cause the prices of the surrounding properties to go up, and this should be a good opportunity for those looking to invest in Singapore properties. It is also expected that over the coming years, more hotels and condominiums will be built in the area to accommodate the growing number of tourists that make the trip to Singapore every year.

If you are looking to invest in luxury, Singapore properties in the Leedon Green area will definitely provide you with a great investment opportunity. However, as with any real estate investment, it is imperative that you do your research before investing in any area of Singapore. You should visit the areas around the Leedon Green station to get a better idea of how the area will develop in the future. It is important to keep in mind that although the area is lush greenery, the future in the district does not look bright due to a lack of development in some areas.

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