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One Bernam Singapore

One Bernam Singapore

One Bernam Singapore is located at Tanjong Pagar MRT station in between Enggor and Bernam. Within a stone’s throw of Tanjong Pagar MRT Station is One Bernam Condo. One Bernam Condo is a brand new development by Haoyuan Investment Pte Ltd situated in District 2 in-between Enggor Way and Bernam. In just a stone’s throw of Tanjong Pagar MRT Station One Bernam Condo is ideal for those looking for a luxury condominium with all the facilities of a premium estate. One Bernam at Tanjong Pagar is just the place you want to call home.

One Bernam at Tanjong Pagar offers five minutes walk to the famous Night Safari Park and seven minutes walk to the Business Centre. One Bernam Singapore is conveniently located right next to the busy Singapore Flyer MRT station and the bus stop. One Bernam Singapore has been designed to offer the best in class hospitality and features a gym, restaurant, swimming pool, lobby and conference rooms. You will enjoy the convenience of a shuttle service to and from the airport and easy access to shopping, restaurants and hotels in the surrounding communities.

One Bernam Singapore is located at a great location and conveniently connects to places like Jalan Bukit Timah and the Central Business District. The location map shows One Bernam, Singapore positioned on the northern part of the River Walk and its convenient getaway is just one stop away from the popular night spots in Singapore. One Bernam has its own mini-markets which offer a wide assortment of fresh local foods at affordable rates. There is an exciting amenities club which allows you to stay in your own room for just a couple of nights for as low as $20 per night. With its convenient location, One Bernam Singapore is ideal for a weekend getaway or a long vacation at this amazing mini-market place.

One Bernam Singapore’s exclusive luxury condos are located in a very convenient location to both nightlife and business. This building is conveniently located next to the Jalan Bukit Timah where there are many retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, fast food centers, cinemas and hotels. One Bernam Singapore’s most prominent feature is that it is conveniently located right next to the Jalan Bongki and the MBK. This mini mall features various specialty stores such as a wide variety of electronic gadgets, clothing, accessories, home appliances, sports goods and a giant supermarket/coffee shop.

One Bernam Singapore is located just beside the Singapore riverside at the corner of the two arterial roads, the road directly across Jalan Bongkir and the road to ParaSolo. One Bernam Singapore condos come with all the modern amenities one can expect from a high end mall including fully furnished salons, wide screen televisions, safety cabinets, air conditioning system and premium quality restaurants. In addition, condos come with historical heritage facades. The exterior of the building is designed to replicate colonial architectural exteriors while providing a quiet and cozy ambiance.

At One Bernam Singapore, there are many condominiums that are conveniently located close to the popular night spots and along the popular Riverside. Apart from this, there is a small retail arcade along the border of the Riverside. One of the best aspects of One Bernam Singapore is that it is well integrated with the fabric of the historic district of Singapore. A mixed development made up of high-rise condos with ground floor retail outlets on the first and second floor along with sky-touching apartments and villas on the first and second floors is what makes One Bernam Singapore such a unique and charming retail center.

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