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If you have ever heard two people argue about whose video game console is the best, you already know the arguments. Some will say that their console is more powerful, has more games, or better controllers.

People tend to have different ideas of just what “better” means, so it may be helpful to be more specific in your reasoning when it comes to such arguments. Since nobody knows just what “best” means, even if one console were “better” than another, how could you possibly prove it? So, using specific arguments and logical reasoning, here are three ways that the Wii is superior to the Playstation 3 and is there any point to PlayStation 3 pre order?

Firstly, the Wii is more innovative. Nintendo wanted to make something completely different from what anyone else had done, and that is exactly what they did.

The PS3 was Sony’s first shot at utilizing the Sixaxis controller, which does implement motion control. However, this was put in effect after the Wii was announced and it’s technology shown off. The Sixaxis is neither original or innovative, or at least not nearly on the same level as the Wii Remote.

Secondly, the Wii is more accessible. Not only is the wii remote extremely simple to pick up and play and offers superior control in almost every area, there are alternatives for places where it doesn’t do so well. An example is fighting games.

Motion-sensing my not suit some people when it comes to fighting games, simply because such games often call for a series of quick commands in a short amount of time to successfully pull off powerful combos. Simply put down the Wii remote and Nunchuk, and plug in a “Classic” controller, or even a Gamecube controller.

Lastly, the Wii is more advanced. Nintendo got tired of the race to make consoles with better, and better graphics. They stepped back for a second and realised that their competitor’s consoles were very similar to each other.

In fact, whenever either Sony or Microsoft come out with a console, the only fundamental difference between it and their last venture was that the new one has “better graphics”.

Is that true progress? I don’t think so. But what Nintendo wanted to do was something different. Not easy, but different, and rather risky too. They wanted to focus more on control and gameplay than on graphics. Is such a move truly a “step back”?

We’d be the judge ourselves when it comes to truly experimenting with both systems. Heck, why not spend enough time playing all the way with one system and then shift to the other to see how each of them performs.

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