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I’ve always been in love with the camera. This is a love that has been passed down from my grandfather to his son and then to his daughter, me. I never believed that you needed a special event for family photographs. I always tell my clients, when they are trying to schedule their appointment, “Do it right away, your children will never be this age again. Don’t wait for a “special” occasion. Capture the moment right now.”

People often ask me what to wear or what happens if their children don’t smile or sit still. Or they call the night before to tell me that the child to be photographed just got a booboo on their face…what should we do? I tell them that is my favorite part of a photo session. You never know what is going to happen. I just load the camera and let the action take place. The best part for me is the reaction when we go over the proofs. A casual mixture of oohing and aahing followed by the long awaited laughter.

I am able to do something that I love, while helping my clients capture a moment in time that will provide them with lasting memories.

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